School visit by Finkle Hill gets tops marks!

School visit by Finkle Hill gets tops marks!

In March we ran a series of visits to two of our local primary schools, Athelstan Community Primary and South Milford Community Primary.  This is part of our programme of delivering Oral Health Education  in the community.

At Athelstan Primary, Lauren our Children and Families Coordinator and Amy, an experienced dental nurse ran a whole school event providing top tips on keeping teeth healthy, visiting the dentist and how to brush effectively.

Lauren and Amy also painted disclosing solution on the children’s teeth so they could see where plaque was forming (the purple mouth pics) which is really helpful to show children (and adults ) which areas they are missing when they brush.

A class teacher gave us the following feedback:

“We had a wonderful visit from Finkle Hill Dental Care.  The visit was highly informative and engaging for our children. They loved learning about how to look after their teeth properly and thoroughly enjoyed cleaning their teeth in school.”

The children said:

“We learnt to brush our teeth by going round in circles.”

“We need to brush the front, top and back of our teeth and not forget our gums.”

“I like the purple mint because it made my mouth go really purple.”

“It was fun when we had purple tongues.  I felt like a minion.”

“Miss Thompson’s assembly was very informative and gave the children an indepth knowledge of how to look after their teeth. The children were engaged the whole time and the presentation was aimed at a perfect level for the children.” (PSHCE Coordinator)

If you would be interested in us delivering Oral Health sessions to your community group, please get in touch.