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We can’t escape the process of ageing, but we can slow down the effects on the face. Over time, the loss of muscle tone and thinning skin can cause the face to droop. This in turn causes our skin to appear wrinkled with ‘crow’s feet’ and ‘frown lines’ becoming more apparent.

Anti-wrinkle injections are a safe, effective and relatively painless way to soften the appearance of these lines and for some, prevent them from forming.

Dr Clare O’Neill and the aesthetic team offer complimentary consultations for anyone interested in anti-wrinkle treatment.

Wrinkle reduction injections use prescription only medicines, such as botulinum toxin to prevent lines occurring - to "press pause" on any further lines developing while still maintaining a natural appearance. Treatment can even out asymmetries where one side of the face is different to the other, including eyebrows and lips position.

At Finkle Hill Dental we can treat many areas, including:

  • Laughter lines (crows’ feet)
  • Glabellar lines (frown lines)
  • Forehead creases

Our commitment to you:

  • Full facial assessment and prescription by a dentist
  • Confidence in the experience of our clinical team and hygiene standards
  • Discreet and professional
  • Relaxed, stylish aesthetic treatment rooms
  • Competitive pricing
  • Choice of products


Treatment Costs for Muscle Relaxing Injections:

One area


Two areas


Three areas


Botulinum toxin A is a "prescription only medication" and is produced by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. The following details are from the patient information leaflet as a "Summary of Product Characteristics" in line with the ASA, CPAP and MHRA advice on prescription-only medication information.

Botulinum type A toxin is injected into the skin to blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles. Therefore, even though the nerve continues to send a signal which requests movement, the tissue does not receive the instruction and the muscle remains still.  The injected muscle can't contract.  Over 3-5 months, the muscle gradually grows new receptors and is able to contract again.

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Barbara StokerBarbara Stoker
15:52 09 Jul 24
Miriam EvansMiriam Evans
14:05 09 Jul 24
Andrew CarlingAndrew Carling
19:30 04 Jul 24
Very good Dental practice.very professional and freindly.
Ken GilleyKen Gilley
22:55 03 Jul 24
Julie JohnsonJulie Johnson
14:24 30 Jun 24
A very friendly team who pay close attention to detail and make me feel at ease.
Paul TPaul T
19:39 26 Jun 24
Needed to visit Liam as I was getting a bit of pain and suspected a filling was needed. I gad great care. Liam checked my mouth, then each tooth was... assessed and finally 2 X-rays as I hadn’t had any for 3 years. All good no fillings but I did get some coating to the sensitive tooth area and we’ll see how we fair. Super service and very friendly and that includes the the lovely lass on reception. I go back in a few weeks for a hygiene session. I would highly recommend Finkle Hill to anyone looking for top class Dental care. Great job guys!read more
Janet RedheadJanet Redhead
11:20 22 Jun 24
Dawn ClaydenDawn Clayden
08:46 20 Jun 24
One of our elderly ladies had a bridge which had fallen out , this was very upsetting for her .We spoke with the team at Finkle who organised a quick... appointment and made a lady very happy by putting her bridge back in. She wanted me to say they did a amazing job , I couldn't be happier.read more
Bradley CrawfordBradley Crawford
17:50 17 Jun 24
Dentists and Hygienists are great and make you feel welcome, sadly having the staff contact you to arrange follow up appointments and treatment is... non existent. Been waiting 11 days to arrange some treatment ….read more
Malcolm PalmerMalcolm Palmer
18:35 07 Jun 24
If I could find better I might look.But I am not going to waste my timelooking for somewhere that doesn’t exist.
Paul ChandlerPaul Chandler
10:38 27 May 24
Excellent professional service. All staff are very friendly and professional. I am always confident that any dentistry work I have undertaken is... completed to a high standard. Thoroughly good value and reliable.read more
Pat PaynePat Payne
17:38 22 May 24

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